#Snusljus Takes TikTok by Storm with 200 Million Views

#Snusljus Takes TikTok by Storm with 200 Million Views

TikTok, the dynamic platform for short-form videos, continues to be a gateway to virality for various trends and ideas. Currently, an unexpected trend is sweeping through TikTok feeds under the hashtag #snusljus, sparking curiosity with its 200 million views.

What is #Snusljus?

At first glance, the hashtag #snusljus, captivating over 200 million moments on TikTok, might seem like an odd combination. However, it revolves around an exciting DIY trend that has captured users' imagination worldwide.

What does the trend entail?

It's all about crafting artistic candles with a twist! By melting down snus (dried tobacco) and using it as a crafting material, colorful and unique candles with fascinating patterns are created. Melting the snus and pouring it into molds results in candles that resemble miniature works of art when lit.

Why has it gained such popularity?

The phenomenon has quickly captured the attention of TikTok users for various reasons. Firstly, it combines two disparate elements - snus, typically associated with use in tobacco products, and candles, symbolizing light and ambiance. It's an unexpected fusion that piques curiosity.

Secondly, DIY trends always resonate well on platforms like TikTok. Creating one's own items instills a sense of accomplishment and allows for creativity. The #snusljus trend provides users with an opportunity to explore their artistic side in a different light.


Why is it relevant for Shopify users?

For e-commerce merchants on Shopify, especially those selling DIY products or artisanal crafts, this trend could be an opportunity to capitalize on. Offering snus and candle-making equipment as part of the inventory might attract a new audience interested in creating their own #snusljus.

Using this trend as inspiration for marketing could also be a savvy move. Creating content related to DIY trends, guides, or even special offers could draw an engaged audience already interested in the #snusljus trend.


TikTok has once again demonstrated its ability to highlight unexpected trends and make them go viral. With over 200 million views, the #snusljus trend is a perfect example of this. Have you tried making your own #snusljus yet? Feel free to share your experience with us below!